Day 2 -“What are you wearing today”

So day 2 of the photo project was actually today and when I saw the title “what are you wearing today?” I automatically thought of my cool new cowgirl boots. For those of you who really know me, i’m a country gal at heart! so what better to photograph than my boots!

Self Portrait- day 1

Self Portrait- day 1

I know I have been soooooo out of touch with this whole blog thing. I am often times busy with portraits, editing, family obligations and running my kids around from sport to sport. I do promise to get better at blogging! So just for a little bit of fun outside of portrait photography, I thought I would embark on a 30 day photo project. The subjects were predetermined, I honestly just found a 30 day suggestion online. This was yesterdays topic “self portriat”

James- One Month Session

 Typically I like to photograph newborns around 4-10 days of life. This is when they are most sleepy, cuddly and you can typically get those adorable curled up poses. I then wait to photograph babies again when they are about 4 months when they begin to hold up their heads, lay on their bellies and smile. James broke the rules with this session! He was 4 weeks old and just a WONDERFUL baby to work with. Thank you James for a wonderful session.