Sibling love/ Child Family Photographer Scotia New York

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I really get so excited when I have the opportunity to do photo shoots for repeat customers. I love getting to see the children each time and see how they’ve grown. Honestly, it really puts life into perspective for me. I am awestruck by how quickly life really passes by. The astounding changes that take place from visit to visit make me step back and try to appreciate all the little things in my own life. I try to kiss my own children each and every second I get, I call an old friend that I haven’t seen in a while, I visit with my grandmother even if it’s only for a few minutes. The passage of time is relentless and doesn’t stop just because we are busy with work, school, children, homework, running to soccer practice or ballet lessons. The passage of time is our teacher; expecting us all to learn that each second is precious.
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I met this little lady almost a year ago at her newborn photo shoot. At the time she was merely 5 days old. She was NOT happy that we wanted to undress her and pose her when alllllll she wanted to do was cuddle with mommy in this new world outside of the tummy. I’m still not quite sure how we pulled it off but I managed to get a few sweet slumber poses at the end of the photo shoot…even the cute naked ones! Fast forward almost a year later and this time when we met her contagious smile lit up the room. She was all about smiles, laughter and was so cute she just made my day.
But, let’s not forget her big brother! This kiddo’s curiosity for life and his environment was amazing. I love this age! I never EVER thought 2’s were terrible. I loved every second of each and every “why”, the getting into everything just to explore the environment around them, and I most enjoyed that the littlest things are filled with such wonder an amazement. With this little one we put a Christmas ornament in and out of a box for over 10 minutes and each time he opened the box saying “Where did it go?” His astonishment didn’t get less, it only grew with laughter each time!
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Ahhhh … Sibling love. It’s a complicated love. They are each other’s best friends or worst enemies. Luckily during this photo session I was able to catch the best friend aspect of sibling love.

Stay tuned in a couple months for this cutie-pie one year old cake smashing photos!!!

One thought on “Sibling love/ Child Family Photographer Scotia New York

  1. Thank you Jaime for capturing the “spirit” which define who my children are and what I am grateful to experience everyday. Your ability to freeze a moment in time is nothing compared to your ability to capture character and life. You made our photo shoot an experience, one that Rob and I talked about all day. I look forward to coming back soon!

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