Alexandra & Jeremy – Schenectady New York Child Photographer


Well, I hope you all have finally gotten into the swing of being back to school. My poor blog has really taken a back burner to lots of fall time photo shoots, editing and then don’t forget the kid’s homework, reading time and the LOVELY new common core curriculum!


So here I am trying to catch up on my blog with these two beautiful kiddos. Full of life and joy, I had so much fun playing chase, peek-a-boo, and “you can’t catch me” lol.

I’ve also started working a bit lately with textures in my photography. I have been adding all sorts of amazing textures to make my photographs look more like paintings. I have really enjoyed my time with this and just adore the final edits. I hope you do too.

One thought on “Alexandra & Jeremy – Schenectady New York Child Photographer

  1. Jaime, the shoot was amazing and the pictures breathtaking! Even with my incredibly shy son, you were able to produce some very sweet shots! We will definitely be doing our next full family session with you! Thank you for your patience, time and wonderful art product created to give us lasting memories!

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