It is so hard for me to believe that I have come so far in my photography journey. 5 years ago I started off taking photos in a tiny little kiosk in the middle of a hallway at our local mall. Yes, that was in the MIDDLE OF THE HALLWAY. Just imagine trying to take photos of a child as tons of people walk by…talk about distracting! But, as I met customers they were kind and understanding and knew everyone needs a break in getting started. I then went into a nice big mall studio which I loved, but quickly learned that if I didn’t have plans of doing a typical cookie cutter photography chain that the mall hours were going to be exhausting for me especially having small children. So off I went, packing my studio up and setting it all back up in my garage. Yup, you heard me say it…my garage! Once again my loyal customers followed, telling me that they didn’t care if I took photos in a grubby parking lot somewhere they just had to come see me. Now, 5 years later I am settled in my awesome home studio in Glenville where I have the special privilege of doing photo shoots in the convenience of my house while still being available to my family. What more could a girl ask for (well, maybe a few more fancy shmancy new camera lenses, lol)
These photos are of an oh so adorable little girl that I have been photographing since my first days in the little kiosk. She was only just a baby at the time and now she just started kindergarten!! I cannot believe how fast time flies by. It seems like it was just yesterday!






oh so bohoweb

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